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Our Team

Our friendly team of dentists and dental professionals is dedicated to your good dental health. We share a passion for dentistry and excellent patient care.

Dr. Nassar

Dr. Salim Nasser, DDS

Dr. Nasser has served the community for more than 30 years and is well-known and respected by his patients and their families. He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto in 1986 and since then he has practiced dentistry in Scarborough.

He believes in providing comfortable dental care for patients of all ages. Dr. Nasser is highly skilled in veneers, crowns, and bridges as he has done a large number of them over the past 30 years. Dr. Nasser is a member of the Ontario Dental Association.

When he is not practicing dentistry, Dr. Nasser loves to cook. He is an avid cricket fan and enjoys watching live cricket matches.

Dr. Munjal Khatri

Dr. Munjal Khatri, DDS

Dr. Khatri holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Schulich School of Dentistry. He also completed a year of hospital residency and holds a certificate in Dental Office Administration from George Brown College.

Dr. Khatri believes it is imperative to strive to stay current with techniques and technology and is constantly updating his skills through continuing education. Dr. Khatri offers treatments like fillings, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth removal, periodontal surgery, crown and teeth whitening.

During his leisure time Dr. Khatri likes playing badminton and reading.

Dr. Sahar Nasser

Dr. Sahar Nasser

Dr. Sahar Nasser was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. From the age of 8 she knew she wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps and become a dentist. She moved to Australia at the age of 18 to attend Dental School at James Cook University and graduated in December 2018. Dr. Sahar loves treating kids and enjoys all aspects of dentistry. In her free time she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. She is a member of RCDSO and Ontario Dental association.

Dr. Shafiqul Islam

Dr. Shafiqul Islam, DDS

Dr. Shafiqul Islam has a life-long passion for dentistry. He graduated from the Schulich School of Dentistry and Medicine in 2002 and works as a general dentist.

Dr. Islam performs treatment like fillings, root canal, wisdom tooth extractions, and periodontal surgery. We often say that Dr. Islam’s patients never need to come back for the same problem.

In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family.

Dr. Tariq

Dr. Tariq Howladar, BDS, MS

Dr. Tariq received a Bachelor's in Dentistry from Dhaka University in 2001, and a Master of Dental Surgery Prosthodontics in 2009. After moving to Canada he successfully completed the National Dental Examination Board of Canada equivalency process in 2016.

He is very committed to his profession, and enjoys sharing his knowledge, experience and skills. He has published several works on prosthetic dentistry.

Dr. Tariq loves playing badminton. His passion is helping people and he strives to make a difference in someone else’s life every day.

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Dr. Pradeep Mohapatra, BDS, MDS, DDS

Dr. Pradeep studied at AIIMS, New Delhi where he received a Bachelor of Dental Surgery followed by Masters in Orthodontics in 1991. Dr. Pradeep holds a Doctrate of Dental Surgeon (DDS) from the University of Toronto. After graduation Dr. Pradeep focused his practice on orthodontic treatments such as braces, and aligners. He practiced in Doha as an Orthodontist for over 10 years. His practice is solely focused on braces, Invisalign® treatment, and surgical orthodontics.

During his free time, Dr. Pradeep enjoys spending time with his family.